Reproduced from 02.11.03

Hanging Out to Dry

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Laundry Day. Wash, rinse, repeat. Sigh. It never ends.

You can launder till you’re blue in the face (and wrinkled in the fingertips), but in four days there’ll be more. The irrefutable law of fashion holds that if you wear it, you gotta wash it.

New York is rough. Wonderful but filthy. Apartments rarely come with washer/dryers, so you’re stuck sending the laundry out, fingers crossed that the Laundromat really will separate the whites from the darks.

Wish you could have Mommy do it for you? Tough luck, sissy. You’re too old for that. But we found something just as good: Ladies Who Launder.

For a mere $1.50 per pound (a rate totally competitive with your corner ‘mat), LWL will pick up your wash and return it within a day. Too picky to trust a stranger? They’re ready for your requests, from not drying your matching bra-and-thong sets to holding the fabric softener.

Laundry comes back neatly packaged in leopard print tissue paper. It almost feels like you’ve just received a shiny box of new clothes.

Which will be headed back to the wash next week.


Lady Who Launder,, 646.852.1068

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